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About The Company

Nourish Inc. was created to positively impact people’s lives by serving delicious food that also happens to be incredibly healthy. This company has organically boot-strapped every bit of its impressive growth through a proven track record for delicious products and satisfied clients.

Our passion is to select popular dishes from around the globe and recreate them using the highest quality ingredients, including lots of fresh vegetables, vibrant herbs, heritage grains, and healthy fats.  The truth is, nearly any meal can be made delicious and nutritious.  We believe healthfulness is derived from ingredient quality, not food type.

Our Real Food Formula:

  • Uncompromising Flavor
  • Clean Fats
  • Properly Prepared Vegetables In Every Bite
  • Reduced Use of Common Allergens
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Zero Additives
  • Transparency in Labeling
  • Conscious Product Sourcing – including organic, non-GMO and sustainably raised products

A Letter From Our Founder

I grew up in an ordinary American household.  And by ordinary, I mean my parents divorced when I was 6, my dad was overweight, my single mom struggled to make ends meet and we ate a lot of junk food.  My big accomplishment at age 9 was baking biscuits from scratch and using the oven to heat my own chicken nuggets.

My life came screeching to a halt when I was 19 and got diagnosed with an “incurable” autoimmune digestive disorder that hospitalized me for months.  Doctors said, “food had nothing to do with it.”  In an act of desperation to save my own life, I tried ‘food as medicine.’  When my body miraculously healed, the call to deliver this break-through to the world rang loud and clear.

High on the excitement of a second chance at living, I trained professionally under a Michelin-starred chef and approached healthy eating from all angles. I knew that a measurable change in the food system would only occur if the change was delicious. I began developing my ‘real food formula’ – a set of best practices and operational directives.

In the beginning, it was just me in a Toyota Corolla, filled with carrots.  Following the recession, I quit my job and dropped out of school to start my company. People thought I was crazy and my parents were less than thrilled.  I boot-strapped everything with just a few thousand of my own dollars in the bank, which meant that we had to be profitable from day one.

We were first to market serving healthy food in the workplace – providing food daily for the most innovative companies in the world. Scaling came naturally (and quickly) as word spread about our quality product and exceptional services. This year, we’ll serve over 3 million meals in the SF Bay Area and over 1.5 million pounds of fresh vegetables.  I truly look forward to nourishing your team.

-Rebecca Jean

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