Data Driven

We track everything from ingredients to opinions, enabling us to provide the right quantities of the right products.

Highest % Organic

We serve a higher percentage of organic and non-GMO ingredients than any other corporate food service in the bay area.

Optimized Productivity

We set the table for teams to eat together, supporting deeper relationships and heightened communication.


We work with our clients to design the best program for their budget and unique workforce.

Real Food

We cook everything from scratch, in-house, giving us complete control from farm to office.

Employee Retention

We succeed by ensuring that your employees love coming to work.


Not only have they exceeded expectations in all aspects of the food program, but continue to remain immediately responsive to feedback and strive for operational excellence.

The future is bright with Nourish and I am excited to be riding their train to greatness!

We had a wide range of dietary restrictions and her staff handled those very sensitively and knew how important it was to those individuals.

Beyond quality and price, Nourish is highly responsive to our requests and demands the highest level of customer service from their on-site staff (who are friendly, personable, and become a part of the culture).

I had to email you and tell you how delicious today's lunch was. The chard baby romaine salad received good reviews and comments from everyone. Please let the chefs know they knocked it out of the park.

I wanted to give you an update on the recent launches. Everyone has been thrilled with the new menu choices and I am receiving very positive feedback each day. Gyro day is our favorite; we'd love to keep seeing that.

Lunch today was really flavorful, and people really seemed to like it. Your team did a great job setting up and cleaning up afterward. We look forward to the meals on Fridays!

Everyone person you have sent here is so friendly, incredibly helpful and on their game. Love having Nourish Inc. here.



Meals Served Last Quarter


Pounds of Vegetables Daily


Net Promoter Score



Meals Served Last Quarter


Pounds of Vegetables Served Daily


Net Promoter Score

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