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Central Kitchen

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Each day, our chef’s prepare fresh, delicious, healthy meals in our 26,000 ft² central kitchen. For us, it is never “just food”. For us, food is medicine. Food is theater. Food is fun!

We set the table for your teams to eat together, supporting deeper relationships and heightened collaboration. We succeed by ensuring that your employees love coming to work. We succeed by ensuring that you love working with us.

Onsite Services

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Onsite Services

For clients with their own kitchen infrastructure onsite, Nourish Inc. has structured its organization to promote agility, immediate proactive solutions when needed, and timely responses to client directives.

We understand tech industry employment culture, the demography, the prevailing taste profiles, and how to delight all customers regardless of dietary restrictions.

We know how to design efficient yet appropriate labor models for each space, and have become experts at acquiring, training, and retaining top quality staff in the bay area.

We are also available for kitchen design consulting, and we love branding every aspect of your program. A few examples of our branded station concepts can be seen here.

We run on-time 
and on-budget.

Click & Collect

For service stations with an attendant, “click & collect” is like hanging ten on the wave of the future. Tell us what, when, and where you want it.

  • Browse menus
  • View allergens & nutritional info
  • Choose pickup location
  • Choose collection time
  • Order & pay
  • Easy pickup & frictionless loyalty

Click & Collect

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Scan & Go

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Scan & Go

For self-service locations that still desire full customer-level attribution, “scan & go” is as easy as it sounds.

  • Minimal onsite labor required
  • Easy & intuitive customer experience
  • Honor system or smart fridges available
  • Lightning fast checkout


For executive assistants and event planners, this layer of the app gives special access to dial up happy hour platters, birthday cakes, or additional services for important meetings.

  • Reorder favorites
  • Schedule recurring bookings
  • Set Min/Max order quantities
  • Choose order cut-off times
  • Add department cost centers
  • Checkout multiple orders at once
  • Realtime delivery tracking


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Backend Analytics

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Backend Analytics

Embedded AI drives the integrated analytics & marketing platform to create deeper consumer insights.

  • Transaction data
  • Sales by product
  • Top selling items
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer time savings
  • Total staff time saved
  • And many more…

Structured Flexibility

Empower customers

Our app-centric service model empowers customers to order what they want when they want it.

Don't over pay​

Our price per item billing method means you never pay for services you don’t receive. Designing your program is as easy as shopping from a catalog.


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Flexible contract​

You are free to expand and contract the scope of your services without excessive administrative oversight or costly customizations.

Dynamic planning​

This structural agility is perfect for your dynamic RTO planning as well as your long-term strategy for continued expansion.

Culinary Commitments

We cook everything from scratch, in-house, giving us complete control from farm to office.

We serve menus focused on low-inflammation diets with clean proteins,  healthy oils, non-GMO ingredients, and clearly labeled allergens.

Healthy oils & fats
Responsible Sourcing
Vegetables Rule!
Allergen Awareness
Low-Glycemic Sweeteners
Clean Meats

Regenerative Agriculture​

We build relationships with farms and ranches that prioritize regenerative practices and invest in the soil. Regenerative agriculture is based on giving back to nature and cultivating healthy soil – which has a ripple effect and improves other natural systems. 

Soil Health

› Cover crops

› Crop rotations

› No GMOs or Gene Editing

› No Soilless Systems

› No Synthetic Inputs

› Promotes Biodiversity

› Rotational Grazing

Animal Welfare

› Five Freedoms
 from discomfort
– from fear & distress
– from hunger
– from pain, injury, or disease
– to express normal behavior
› Grass-Fed / Pasture-Raised
› Limited Transport
› Suitable Shelter

Social Fairness

› Capacity Building
› Fair Payments for Farmers
› Freedom of Association
› Good Working Conditions
› Living Wages
› Long Term Commitments
› No Forced Labor
› Transparency & Accountability

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